Background – Steven (Steve) C. Markoff

Mr. Markoff is a native of Los Angeles, California. A graduate of Los Angeles City College in 1964 with an

Born in 1943

Associate of Arts degree. His affiliations include: the precious metals and numismatic business for 50 years (1954-2005); Chairman and CEO of A-Mark Financial Corporation, a Santa Monica-based financial services company he founded in 1965 (originally named A-Mark Coin Company), that purchased the U.S. Wilkison Gold Pattern Collection and Redfield Silver Dollar hoard; co-founder of the Association of Media Accuracy with Maury Weiner in 1985, with the intention to disseminate nonpartisan and accurate information to the media and influential leaders; the A-Mark Foundation, a private foundation he founded in 1997 became the parent of free searchable databases and other nonpartisan information covering interesting and important social issues and history, such as sites on George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Special Investigations Involving US Presidents Since 1973. In 2016, the Foundation founded the website, In 2004, Markoff helped found A-Mark Entertainment a company he co-chairs; and that year he also founded, a 501(c)(3) public charity promoting critical thinking that as of 12-31-2019, had been, or is being used by over 10,000 schools in over 90 countries. [ was merged into Encyclopædia Britannica on 5-29-2020]. In 2018, Markoff founded, a website giving straightforward, sourced information about sex and sexually related issues. In 2020, Markoff launched, a website that has many of the pieces of the puzzle that make up our individual rights to arms. Markoff’s first published book, The Case Against George W. Bush, became available November 2020. Markoff was interviewed by Ralph Nader on the Ralph Nader Radio Hour about his book “where he dispassionately lays out the three major war crimes the former president committed by invading Iraq.”

1. Community/Public Service:

  • Conceived (Jan. 2011) and financed the three Richard A. Clarke National Scholarly Monograph Contests of 2011, 2012 and 2013.
  • Gave a talk (10/27/04) “Let’s Talk About Lying,” at Woodbury University (Burbank, CA).
  • Gave a talk (3/24/04) “How to handle your attorney without losing your sleep, your mind and your bank account,” at Woodbury University (Burbank, CA).
  • Founder and Chairman (from 2004 to 2020),, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit corporation (founded on July 12, 2004) [Read a personal statement from Steve Markoff on the origins and background of]. was merged into Encyclopædia Britannica on 5-29-2020.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the nonprofit ACLU Foundation of Southern California from 1979 to 2021.
  • Member of the Washington, D.C.-based Federal Task Force on Judicial Selection (which issued its report “Judicial Selection” in the Fall of 1999).
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the UCLA Management Education Associates from 1986 to 1992.
  • Conducted two seminars of “An Entrepreneur’s View” at The Gorbachev Foundation (Moscow, Russia) – The International Foundation for Socio-Economic and Political Studies in Oct. 1992.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the non-profit UCLA Graduate School of Management, Board of Visitors, 1986.
  • Co-founded the Association of Media Accuracy with Maury Weiner in October of 1985, with the intention to disseminate nonpartisan and accurate information to the media and influential leaders.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the nonprofit Hollywood Community Hospital from 1982 to 1984 (when it was sold to a for-profit group).


2. Public Service Educational Websites:

  • – Online in 2018, a website giving straightforward, sourced information about sex and sexually related issues.
  • – Online July 2013, this site gives local information on Bodfish, California, a town of 2,000 and the surrounding area.
  • Celtic – Founded July 2009, this site promotes the understanding of Celtic (Iron Age) mirrors (said to be made between 300 B.C. to A.D.) with pictures and related information about the 28 known mirrors.
  • – A 501(c)(3) public charity created July 2004, whose mission was to promote critical thinking, education and informed citizenship, setting forth pro and con arguments and related information about important controversial issues. was acquired by Encyclopaedia Britannica in May of 2020.
  • US Presidents
  • Science & Health
    • Vaccine Mandates and Exemptions A brief history of some of the vaccine mandates and exemptions in US states, public schools, and the military since the founding of the nation.
    • Brains of Conservatives vs. Liberals 28 peer-reviewed neuroscience studies show that liberals and conservatives process the same data differently.
    • (Archived) Links to third-party sites covering global and regional scientific information on our oceans. Last updated June 30, 2019.
    • Plastics, Pollution and Solutions (Archived) Plastic pollution is a problem that affects the entire world, polluting both land and water. See information on recycling issues as well as organizations and technologies dedicated to solving pollution.
  • Voting & Elections
    • (new site in progress) A website looking at the question of whether the 2020 general election was free and fair by examining several foundations based in facts and data. Site in progress.
    • Electoral College History: Five Losers That Won the Presidency Explaining how the Electoral College functions, five times a candidate won despite losing the popular vote, and alternative methods for choosing the president.
    • Nader, Florida, and the 2000 Election (Archived) This report based primarily on math investigates whether third party candidate Ralph Nader or a confusing ballot design in Florida led to George W. Bush winning the 2000 presidential election.
  • Military
    • Afghanistan War: US Deaths and Costs The Afghanistan War led to the deaths of 2,456 US military members and 3,923 US Department of Defense contractors and civilians from 2001 to 2021, and cost an estimated $2.261 trillion.
    • September 11 and related events (9/11) A searchable database of over 7,800 sourced quotes related to the 9/11 attacks: oil, George W. Bush, Saddam Hussein, al Qaeda, invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, torture, and much more. Online Nov. 2009
  • Discrimination
    • Official Anti-Jewish Acts A searchable database of over 2,500 Official Anti-Jewish Acts from 10/18/315 to 10/31/1969, including more than 2,000 non-Nazi Acts and hundreds of Nazi-era Acts from 1933 to 1945. This Project began in 2011, and ended its first phase on September 30, 2020.
    • Racism, the National Anthem, and the NFL Protests by athletes in the NFL and other sports raised the question: Is the National Anthem a proper symbol of America or a symbol of its racist past?
  • Homelessness
    • Tiny Home Villages to Combat Homelessness A report on the construction and operating costs of tiny home villages built to decrease homelessness in Los Angeles. See how the average cost of $42,344 per bed compares to alternative solutions.
  • Environment
    • (Archived) Links to third-party sites covering global and regional scientific information on our oceans.
    • Plastics, Pollution and Solutions (Archived) Plastic pollution is a problem that affects the entire world, polluting both land and water. See information on recycling issues as well as organizations and technologies dedicated to solving pollution.


3. Published Work:


4. Books to be Published:

The main work is a compendium of more than 1,175 ACLU cases at the Supreme Court. In addition to the approximate 2 ½-page layman summary of each case, the work includes a Foreword by Erwin Chemerinsky, Ira Glasser’s explicit draft one-pager on what the ACLU does, data on how each Supreme Court Justice voted on each case, and the Win / Loss record (the batting average) at the Supreme Court for all those years by decade and type of vote (i.e. 9-0; 8-1; 7-2; etc.)

The work is 99+% complete and will be available in two different stand-alone formats in 2021.

    • A three-volume, 8 1/2 X 11″ hardcover set (after typesetting around 2,400 pages) of over 1,175 cases and related facts and information
    • 250 page, 6 X 9″ Handbook, with all the facts and data of the four-volume set, but with only 3 of the 1,175 plus cases.


For several thousand years, Jews have been discriminated against in many parts of the world. What isn’t well known or documented is the extent of that discrimination. This book’s goal is to find and list, with brief summaries in English, all the Official Anti-Jewish Acts in the world through the year 2000. The project began in 2011 and hope we have it published by 2030.

Official means Acts created by government, military and church laws from ruling religions; Acts from these ruling institutions differ in name and type, but may include church canons, church bulls, patents, ordinances, writs, and final court decisions (such as those on the level of a country’s Supreme Court). Acts included are on their face anti-Jewish, and Acts that may be excluded include those that are specific to a few Jews, foreign Jews, and laws that are directed at Jews but on their face don’t seem specifically anti-Jewish.

The author and his researchers continue poring through books on the topic, contacting international libraries, Jewish organizations, and expert resources to compile, so far, more than 2,900 Acts, excluding Nazi-era Acts, from over 40 different countries and geographic areas. The earliest Act we have found is 456 BC, the newest, 1969.

We are looking for researchers fluent in any language to research and translate Official Anti-Jewish Acts from anywhere in the world. There is compensation for each Act accepted. If you are interested in our project, or know of anyone else who might be interested in researching for the project, please go to our information page [].


5. Plays / Film

  • From 2002 to 2010, Steve has twelve producer movie credits:
    • 2010 Beatdown (executive producer); directed by Mike Gunther
    • 2009 The Pool Boys (producer); directed by J.B. Rogers (as James B. Rogers)
    • 2009 Nine Miles Down (producer); directed by Anthony Waller
    • 2009 Next Day Air (executive producer); directed by Benny Boom
    • 2009 Night Train (producer); directed by Brian King
    • 2008 Autopsy (producer); directed by Adam Gierasch
    • 2008 Camille (producer); directed by Gregory Mackenzie
    • 2007 Timber Falls (producer); directed by Tony Giglio
    • 2006 Alpha Dog (executive producer); directed by Nick Cassavetes
    • 2005 Asylum (executive producer); directed by David Mackenzie
    • 2003 Stander (executive producer); directed by Bronwen Hughes
    • 2002 No Good Deed (executive producer); directed by Bob Rafelson
  • 2018: Executive Producer of The Marriage Zone, by Jeff Gould, and winner of Best Writer of an Original Play at the 2018 Valley Theater Awards. “Discoveries are made, secrets are revealed and the result is a hilarious and poignant look at the life of a marriage.” Co-produced with Bruce P. McNall.


6. Other Disparate Events

  • 2019: Traveled to the Geographic North Pole (90o North) on a Russian nuclear ice breaker, and received a Polar Plunge Certificate after a plunge into the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean. Click here for a video.
  • 2013: Inducted in the PNG Coin Dealers hall of fame.
  • 2008: As Deputy Commissioner of civil marriage, married his uncle Don Price to Wilkie Pretorious on July 19, 2008.
  • 2005: Played first round of golf (18 holes) on Mar. 13, 2005 (with Bruce McNall, Mike Marvin and Marv Dauer), and shot 135. Shot 113 (with a friendly scorekeeper), on Mar. 20, 2005. The other players that day were Bruce McNall, Marty McSorley and Marv Dauer.
  • 2004: Attempted driving a Lakester 200 mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. The car caught fire after my first 137 mph run.
  • 2000: As Deputy Commissioner of civil marriage, married son Chris to Joanna Palica on Nov. 25, 2000.
  • 1996, Dec.: Completed a six-hour training course in automatic weapons on Dec. 21, 1996.
  • 1995: Flew first and last air combat aerial dog fights, pulling 4 1/2 G’s, browned out (lost color vision for a minute), and had a lighter barf bag than my opponent when we landed.
  • 1994: Sent a video copy of “Sex, Drugs and Democracy“, a Jonathan Blank film, to all 535 members of Congress.
  • 1992: On May 12, 1992, in Washington, D.C., addressed the Advisory Committee on CFTC/State Cooperation on the question of lending on precious metals.
  • 1986: Took a Beginner’s Lesson in flying a helicopter.
  • 1986: Attended a class on Falconing. My class notes.
  • 1985: Took Diving Accident Management for Emergency Physicians course. Reviewed many diving accident cases.
  • 1983: Made solo hang glide from 100′ hill on Apr. 24, 1983.
  • 1979: Arbitraged the 1979 United and American Airlines 50% Off Coupons.
  • 1978: Made it into the 1978 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records for purchasing the unique U.S. 1907 Double Eagle pattern from the Dr. Wilkison Collection for about $900,000.
  • 1977: Joined the Sports Car Club of America in 1977, and began racing Formula Fords.
  • 1976: Made it into the 1977 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records for the Jan. 1976 $7.4M purchase of the Redfield Silver Dollar collection – 407,000 U.S. silver dollars weighing 11 tons. It was written up in two Coin World publication articles: “Redfield: The Man Behind the Hoard” and “Redfield coins realize $7.3 million”
  • 1975: Made acrobatic flight with Pilot Bob Sparks. Did a Hammerhead, Cuban 8, and Tailspin.
  • 1971: Received SCUBA Certification on July 22, 1971 from County of Los Angeles – Certification #013612.
  • 1970: Honorably Discharged from the US Army on June 5, 1970.
  • 1966: Made solo parachute jump from 2,800 feet on July 31, 1966.


7. Hobbies: